Tailored Courses Key Stage 2 & 3


Our team can create tailored curriculum courses to support studies in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Science, IT/Computing, First Aid, Home Economics Practicals, Music and Performing Arts. The purchase includes access for up to 130 Students – £1.53 per student, free access for up to 5 teachers, accessible for 360 days from purchase and can be renewed on an annual basis for £130 thereafter.

Sold By: HomeSchoolOnDemand

This price is the normal cost of a private online course  (8 to 10 lessons) plus £70 for research time and tailored preparation.
*Please allow 4 weeks from order to create and set up course.

*Once purchased, please email info@homeschoolondemand.com to re-confirm the email address of the group leader you would like to manage the course and monitor student progress e.g. teacher/club leader.  Group leaders have the ability to add/edit users and are also provided with a GROUP CODE which they can give to students/members to register themselves.  You will also need to email the downloadable form received on purchase and any other information required for us to build the course.

The course access/login details will be emailed to your group leader within 4 weeks of the order date.