Key Stage 3 & GCSE: PE (Fitness 2)


For secondary school age children through to adults, this 4 lesson length and fitness course (includes 20 videos) will leave you feeling full of endorphins, and physically challenged. This course is suitable for beginners through to those with more fitness experience, as you will have choice of difficulty level within each lesson.  This course is practical-based, but is also a great education tool, which we hope would be particularly useful for anyone who might be interested in studying PE as a GCSE subject and young people who are in a sports team who are looking for a fitness programme to follow.  We recommend you complete the Fitness 1 course first.  The purchase includes access for up to 130 Students – £0.77 per student, free access for up to 5 teachers, accessible for 3 months (Sep to Nov, Dec to March, OR April to June)

Sold By: Stronghold Gymnastics & Fitness

This course includes 4 lessons which includes 20 videos taught by Kathryn and John Mills, experienced British Gymnastics and Fitness coaches and can be used as a discrete lesson pack and part of a blended learning approach.  Courses are interactive and engaging with a combination of follow along practical videos, worksheets and quizzes throughout.  Lessons are fully interactive to follow along in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, or in a gym setting.

Each lesson consists of the following…

  • Warm Up
  • Warm Up Circuit
  • Circuit 1
  • Circuit 2
  • Circuit 3
  • Cool Down

All exercises are demonstrated and explained with key coaching points, and are performed in real-time so you can follow along with the entire workout.

No specialist equipment is required for this course but for a small number of exercises, you will need the following:

*a soft floor e.g. carpet / rug / yoga mat / exercise mat

*a sturdy raised platform e.g. chair / sofa / step / box

*a sturdy wall

*a form of resistance e.g. long resistance band / rucksack / backpack so that objects like books or tinned food can be added to it for weight

This course includes the following lessons…

  • 1 lower body workout
  • 1 upper body workout
  • 1 core and cardio workout
  • 1 full body workout

Course Access

It is expected that parents OR teachers (if completed in school) accept full responsibility to ensure the safety of their child while following fitness activities.

*Once purchased, please email to re-confirm the email address of the group leader you would like to manage the course and monitor student progress e.g. teacher/club leader.  Group leaders have the ability to add/edit users and are also provided with a GROUP CODE which they can give to students/members to register themselves.  Within the email you should also specify what months you require access e.g. Sep to Nov, Dec to March or April to June.

The course access/login details will be emailed to your group leader in advance of the term for intended use.  It can be purchased at any time during the academic year.