Key Stage 3 English Creative Writing


This course is designed for those who want to unlock their creativity and put their vision on the page. It will augment the development of students’ written communication and begin building the skills students will need to progress to GCSE English Language.  The purchase includes access for up to 130 Students – £1 per student, free access for up to 5 teachers, accessible for one academic year (1 Sep to 30 June).

Sold By: Lemon & Grey English

This course includes 8 lessons taught by Charlotte Ball, BA, MA, PhD, Specialist Subjects: English Language, English Literature, 10 Years Tutoring and can be used as a discrete lesson pack, for revision and part of a blended learning approach.  Courses are interactive and engaging with a combination of presentations/videos, theory and practical activities that include downloadable worksheet activities.  Worksheet answers are provided, where applicable.

Creative writing is important as a form of expression and communication. Learn how to make your descriptive writing more engaging using tone, setting, imagery and more. Explore your creativity and let your imagination run wild!

In this course you will learn:

  • What inspiration is, how great writers find it and how you can too
  • How to create tone, setting and character
  • How to use your senses to bring your descriptions to life
  • How to add colour to your writing with techniques
  • How to structure your writing to keep readers engaged

*Once purchased, please email to re-confirm the email address of the group leader you would like to manage the course and monitor student progress e.g. teacher/club leader.  Group leaders have the ability to add/edit users and are also provided with a GROUP CODE which they can give to students/members to register themselves.

The course access/login details will be emailed to your group leader in advance of 1st September.  It can be purchased at any time in the academic year which is it intended for use, alternatively from 1st May for the next academic year.