Key Stage 2 Mathematics: Party Planner


Party Planner – The perfect project for making Mathematics fun! The purchase includes access for up to 130 Students – £1 per student, free access for up to 5 teachers, accessible for one academic year (1 Sep to 30 June).

Sold By: Elite Maths Coaching

This course includes 8 lessons taught by Jackie Hodson, BEd Mathematics, Designated Specialist Leader of Education, 20+ years Teaching/Tutoring and can be used as a discrete lesson pack, for revision and part of a blended learning approach.  Courses are interactive and engaging with a combination of presentations/videos, theory and practical activities that include downloadable worksheet activities.  Worksheet answers are provided.

Topics covered:Tally charts, Ratio, Probability, Time, Money, Directions, Map Reading and Problem Solving.  Includes videos, downloadable worksheets and answers.

*Once purchased, please email to re-confirm the email address of the group leader you would like to manage the course and monitor student progress e.g. teacher/club leader.  Group leaders have the ability to add/edit users and are also provided with a GROUP CODE which they can give to students/members to register themselves.

The course access/login details will be emailed to your group leader in advance of 1st September.