Key Stage 2 & 3 Music (Guitar)


This short introductory guitar course is made up of videos which allow you to follow along as you learn.  The course covers Grades 1 to 3 Guitar Chords. Surprisingly there are many reasons why learning to play the guitar has many benefits. Learning to play will help you improve your memory and concentration, coordination, literacy and numeracy skills. It is also a great stress buster, encourages creativity and best of all it is fun! Also perfect for children working towards club badges.  The purchase includes access for up to 130 Students – £0.77 per student, free access for up to 5 teachers, accessible for 3 months (Sep to Nov, Dec to March, OR April to June)

Sold By: Taylorstown Musical Services

This course includes 5 lessons taught by Adrian McWilliams, BA (Hons) Music, Specialist Subjects: Music theory, Musical Performance & Composition, 15 Years Professional Musician & Multi-instrumentalist, 5+ Years Music Tutor.  The course can be used as a discrete lesson pack and part of a blended learning approach.  Courses are interactive and engaging with a combination of follow along practical videos and worksheets.

Topics Covered

  • What is a chord/ What are the for?
  • How chords are made
  • How to read chords
  • Major chords
  • How to play the 12 major chords
  • What makes a major chord?
  • Minor Chords
  • How to play the 12 minor chords
  • What makes a minor chord?
  • Dominant 7th Chords
  • How to play the 12 Dominant 7th chords
  • What makes a Dominant 7th chord?
  • Identifying each chord by sound.
  • How to put chords together to make a song
  • How to practice chord movement

*Once purchased, please email to re-confirm the email address of the group leader you would like to manage the course and monitor student progress e.g. teacher/club leader.  Group leaders have the ability to add/edit users and are also provided with a GROUP CODE which they can give to students/members to register themselves.  Within the email you should also specify what months you require access e.g. Sep to Nov, Dec to March or April to June.

The course access/login details will be emailed to your group leader in advance of the term for intended use.  It can be purchased at any time during the academic year.