Maths GCSE Daytime

GCSE Mathematics Small Group Weekly Online Classes (purchase for 6 lessons).  Classes will be tailored to meet the needs of students and focus on ensuring your child achieves their full potential.  Further details provided below.  Please contact Jacqueline to arrange a short chat or zoom consultation to discuss your requirements before purchasing email Classes can be purchased here on a rolling 6 week basis.

Sold By: Elite Maths Coaching

Jackie is a Maths Consultant and DFE designated Specialist Leader of Education for Maths.  She provides lessons online using Zoom. Joining instructions will be emailed to you to join her classes. Jackie teaches general Maths topics which cover all exam boards.  She recognises that many students and their parents suffer from “Maths anxiety” and believes that everyone has the ability to be good at Maths and there is no such thing as a “Maths person”. Jackie helps to develop a growth mindset in her students so that they begin to build confidence, enjoy the subject and experience achievement.

Within each block of lessons, children will be taken on a journey through different areas of maths depending on their prior knowledge and expertise. Blocks of learning may, for example, be on:

  • the four operations and how they link to other areas of maths
  • fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion and how they relate to each other
  • algebra- sequences, expressions, equations, graphs, links to other areas of maths
  • shape- properties of shapes, angle properties, perimeter, area, volume, pythagoras theorem, trigonometry
  • Handling data – statistics, probability
  • Basic fundamental concepts will be embedded so that higher level maths can more easily be achieved.

Exam practice questions and reasoning and problem solving are embedded into each group of lessons.   Separate lessons are also available for exam practice only. Students are welcome to submit their questions before the session if there is anything in particular they wish to go through that day.

Jackie currently offers a free 20 minute zoom call for all prospective parents and children to meet her and gain some insight into her teaching methods and ways of working.