KS3 Art & Design: Day of the Dead


This short course in Art & Design will assist in the development of your child’s critical thinking and observation skills, as well as encouraging creativity and an opportunity to learn new art skills.
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Work in Art & Design at Key Stage 3 broadly follows the National Curriculum for 11-14 year olds.  Students have access to complete and revisit this short course for 60 days.  1 USER LICENSE: The author owns the copyright of the contents of this course and one purchase provides access to the course for one user.

In this unit the pupils will learn about Day of the Dead: their key characteristics, their traditional uses and their influence on other artists and designers.

Learning Objectives (what the student is expected to learn/achieve)

  •  To design and make my own imaginative work inspired by Day of the Dead masks
  •  To investigate and analyse masks from Mexico and other places independently.
  •  To explore and experiment with ideas, materials, tools and techniques.
  •  To reflect and evaluate my own and others’ work.
  •  To complete all homework tasks.