Jazz Dance Beginners Course


Our dance courses encourage young people to take some time away from written work, and instead move and express themselves with confidence. It is the perfect opportunity to learn new and exciting skills.
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Welcome to the Beginners Jazz Course (Age 5+).  In this course we will learn some of the foundations of Jazz technique and learn a fun jazz routine along the way.  Studies have shown that dance classes such as jazz, can improve a child’s academic performance as well as learning body control and gaining confidence. Jazz is the perfect way to keep fit, develop coordination and improve balance, all whilst having fun. The course will include many elements to help your child improve including-

  • An extensive warm up and stretch
  • Exercises to learn jazz technique to fun, recognisable music
  • A jazz routine taught gradually over the five classes

So please join us from some classes and let’s have some fun!

Equipment Required and Safety

Please note for this course children do not need specific dance shoes, socks or bare feet will be fine. Comfortable clothing that allows movement is encouraged and plenty of water! * It is expected that parents accept full responsibility to ensure the safety of their child while following dance activities.