Healthy Eating for all the family


Are you confused by all the dietary advice out there telling you what you should be eating one day and the next day it should be avoided?  Have you found that understanding what to feed your family has become a full time job in itself?  Are you unsure of why you should be eating certain foods and what the nutritional benefits are to yourself and your family?  Let me clear up any confusion and set the record straight for you with my new 4 part Healthy Eating for All the Family course.


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This is a course for parents, written by a parent. It’s uncomplicated, real advice and guidance on what you should be including in your diet and explaining the benefits.  As a Nutritional Therapist, Chef, Health Coach and Mum of 2 kids myself, I know how hard it is to ensure your family remains fit and healthy in today’s fast-paced environment.  That is why I designed this course – to clear up the confusion and show you lots of simple ideas to support your family’s health as they grow.  Our children require specific nutrients at different stages of their lives and it can be difficult to know if the food we are giving them provides these nutrients. My 4 week course will help you with this.

What’s included:
–  Family Meal Plan with lots of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks that all the family will enjoy
–  5 Part Course focusing on reducing sugar, supporting a healthy digestive system, good mood foods, food to increase energy and healthier food swaps
–  1 cookery video demonstrating a dish from the Family Meal Plan (above)
Who is this course aimed at:
Parents or guardians who want to make quick and easy changes to their family’s eating habits and/or are interested in learning more about the basics of nutrition and a healthy diet.  Basic cooking skills required for recipes contained in the meal plan.
Parents have access to complete and revisit this short course for 30 days.  1 USER LICENSE: The author owns the copyright of the contents of this course and one purchase provides access to the course for one user.  *Please be advised that care and safety in the kitchen is of upmost importance and we assume you take full personal responsibility for staying safe as you cook and prepare food.