A parent’s guide to big school NI E-Book


We all remember how daunting an experience it is finishing primary school education and moving on to the ‘Big School’.  For some children, it can be traumatic leaving friends, teachers and the familiar surroundings of a primary school behind them.  As parents it is only natural to have lots of questions about the options available and how you can best prepare and support your son or daughter with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This book is written from a parent’s perspective, drawing on my professional experience as a teacher and knowledge gained as a parent.  My aim is to share with you information about the process, explain your options and offer guidance during this crucial stage of your child’s progression.

Chapters are detailed below.  Document with the link to the downloadable e-book is immediately available on purchase.

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Chapter 1             The Transfer Process
Chapter 2             Entrance Tests
Chapter 3             Preparing your child for the transfer test
Chapter 4             Decisions on school preferences
Chapter 5             Preparing your child for Big School
Chapter 6             Uniform, Uniform Rules and Initial Costs
Chapter 7             Settling In
Chapter 8             School Life, Routines and Rules
Chapter 9             Who’s who in the Secondary School
Chapter 10           Opportunities for parents to get involved
Chapter 11           The Road To Success
Chapter 12          Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health
Chapter 13          Preparing For Examinations
Chapter 14          Moving forward

Click here to view sample: BIG SCHOOL SAMPLE PDF

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