Day of the Dead – Lesson 7 Copy

Planning your Final Calavera Skull Painting

During this lesson begin planning your final painting. You will be putting everything that you have learnt over the past few lessons into practice.

Students will look at their calavera skull design in your sketchbook and begin drawing it up on A3 paper, using the gridding technique that they learnt in Lesson 2.

Students will create unique Calavera Sugar skull design. Students will learn how to trace up their skull resource and apply their chosen design.

Advanced student example of Calavera Skull Design.

Checklist before you start:

Materials that you will need before we start this lesson: A3 Paper, 2B pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler, tracing paper.

Watch: Day of the Dead Lesson 7 Presentation Video (Includes Teacher & Power point)

Download Powerpoint: Day of the Dead Lesson 7

Access to the internet to research : Day of the Dead & Mexican Folk Art. I recommend creating a Pinterest board with all your favourite imagery. Here’s my Pinterest board for your reference.

Download and Print: Enlarged skull outline

Watch: Day of the Dead Lesson 7 Demonstration Video (Have materials and resource sheets ready)

Once you have completed your work send a photo of it to, I will then mark it and give you feedback on what went well and how to improve.

Enjoy the lesson and I cannot wait to see your creation.